'Photography is the story I  fail to put into words'


I grew up in Devon and fell in love with photography while studying Art History at Manchester University, inspired by the classic portrait photographers of the twentieth century. After moving to London and working in fashion photography I met my husband, fell in love and relocated to South Africa. After my oldest daughter was born I changed my focus to photographing babies, families and maternity - all the things that really matter! After a few amazing years in Cape Town the call of home got too strong, so the four of us (and the dog) moved back to Devon, less than a mile from where I grew up. Now I get to photograph families on the beaches where I played as a child, capturing your special moments in the place where I made all my best memories.

About Me

Let me help you to record the story of your family. The imperfect reality captured in perfect photographs, moments of calm and bliss amidst the chaos. The tiny hands in yours, the gap-toothed smiles, the sibling tenderness. Summer evenings at the beach, lazy mornings at home, time spent in nature, together. When your children  and grandchildren look back at these photographs they won't see the tired eyes or sibling squabbles, they'll only see the love, the moment of joy, the memories of time well spent with their favourite people.