This photoshoot was a dream come true. A family so connected, so in tune with each other and overflowing with tenderness and love, all set against the most dramatic backdrop. I photographed Rose, Rowan and baby Arrowyn as part of a workshop hosted by the wonderful Elisha Pickles back in April. It was the end […]


July 15, 2024

Family Photoshoot in the Shropshire Hills

It always amazes me, the fierceness of a mother’s love. It starts to build long before you’ve even met your child, often from the minute you find out that you’re carrying inside you a little bundle of cells who will soon become a real person, half of you and half of your partner, but 100% totally their own person. You imagine what they will look like, will they have your eyes? Your partner’s nose? Will they be wild or calm or a perfect mixture of the two? (My girls definitely lean towards the former, I’m not sure who they get it from…!)


July 9, 2024

Ethereal Maternity Photoshoot

A slow morning at home with Zeenav and baby D. I really miss these early days of motherhood, I feel like I didn’t appreciate them enough or how quickly they would pass! The way your baby only has eyes for you, at this stage you provide everything she needs, you are her whole entire world. I miss the thigh creases, the way her fingers grip on to anything they can find, your finger, your necklace, or more usually your hair. How incredibly soft her skin is and how absolutely tiny and perfect her toes and fingers are.


July 6, 2024

In-home Motherhood Session